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PHEW® Refrigerator magnet holder - 01

Where is the remote control unit most convenient to use?

Since it is convenient to be fixed at the designated location,

it must be mounted in a prominent place.

When placing it next to the TV or set-top box, use a dedicated charging dock to stand it up (charges 24 hours), but it may be cumbersome to plug it into the charging port.

So, you need an accessory that can be attached and detached with a magnet on the front of the refrigerator, which is the most convenient. (However, wireless charging is not supported.) I made a prototype.

※If there is a demand for this, we will think more about it and start production.

It is possible if the front of the refrigerator is made of a material that adheres to the magnet.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply a refrigerator made of tempered glass.

For reference, a steel plate is built into the PHL-1000K (RC).

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