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PHEW® prototyping - 01

Completed the prototype of the PHL-1000K (RC).

It has already been completed after 5 trials and errors.

The planning and development time were all 2 years.

The reason it took a long time is to match the best injection quality,

This is because it was only completed with the artwork on the PCB and the 8th revision of the firmware. I looked closely and asked the people around me

Two years have passed without notice. Now I'm doing the final test

I am going to go into production. I have some anxious feelings,

but I think it is a product that someone needs.


One by one, hold your breath using M2 x L8 screws. Half excitement, half anxiety.

I used a Japanese VASEL® manual screwdriver to assemble, but my wrist was so painful that I decided to use a BOSCH® electric screwdriver. It's really convenient. Even so, after assembling for a long time, the right wrist will be impacted. I think I need to assemble while taking a break. Because rest is important.

I went to work by myself and assembled it all day, and I produced exactly 130 pieces in

8 hours. Too slow? Still, the defect is 0.00%. We are preparing to crowdfunding.

Those who are interested in preventing lost and found abroad, please consider purchasing this product. We made it really hard.

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