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  • Can I buy it on Amazon?
    We are not currently trading with Amazon. We are considering to enter Amazon USA and JAPAN later. Please wait a little.
  • How long until i recieve my order?
    For customers who purchased in Korea, the next day delivery is the principle. If you are purchasing in Japan or the United States, please contact your local dealer.
  • What is the expansion port for PHL-1000K?
    In the case of expansion ports, a separate expansion device will be installed. For example, by installing the integrated remote control module, we want to copy the information of remote controllers with optical sensors such as TVs, air conditioners, fans, and set-top boxes in residential spaces so that this PHEW® PHL-1000K can be used as an integrated remote control. Currently, only prototypes have been developed and cannot be sold. We need to cooperate with various manufacturers LG, SONY, SAMSUNG, Panasonic, etc. Please wait
  • I'm curious about other features.
    Currently, the location of the point where the last communication with the service within Bluetooth-based tracking (outdoor 100M) was disconnected is displayed on the Google map. In the future, we are currently developing to update the AR function, link with the camera app of the smartphone or tablet, and perform real-time tracking. Please wait.
  • What is the usage time?
    The PHEW®Tracker (AR) can be used for 6 to 8 months. The battery information can be checked in the APP of the smartphone, and if the battery level is less than 10%, it will be expressed in the alarm and LED in (AR). Then replace the mercury battery CR2032. Panasonic products are recommended. Because it is developed based on Panasonic battery, it is optimized for compatibility. PHEW®Tracker (RC) is a rechargeable product and can be used for approximately 2 to 3 months. When the battery is low, charge it with the included USB-C charging cable. Charging is possible with another cable.

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